Tuesday, September 16, 2014

At my Mother's House.

Mooching internet,
doing laundry,
catching up on Hulu,
sipping coffee and nibbling cookies,
looking for my camera in my old room,
laughing at this picture.


Happy Tuesday.

Hannah =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


"Mawwage is what bwings us twogwever, today."

Getting ready for the first look!

On August 9th, 2014, I married my best friend.

The weather was perfect, the bowties were perfect, everything was just perfect.

His face when I took the blindfold off was so precious.

My heart is so full. The last almost two weeks have been so beautiful, despite some hardships and spiritual warfare that have come our way.

We roadtripped over to Yellowstone after the wedding and spent the week driving and exploring.

I wish I had more words to share with you. Maybe later.
Life is beautiful, God is beautiful.
Hannah =)


Monday, July 14, 2014

Sneak Peek

Here is a (poorly taken) sneak peek of my dress and funny little bouquet :)
Only 26 days to go!
I just love my 50s style swing dress!

I also love that I'm marrying someone who is on board with my hippie ways! I've been making cloth napkins:
And re-usable snack bags:

The biggest looming project is getting everything moved over to the apartment--I want to have everything over there and be living out of a suitcase by August 1st.
Crazy, crazy, crazy.
In super happy news, God has blessed JL with a full-time job! It will allow us, God willing, to live off of the one income. People still roll their eyes and scratch their heads at our lifestyle choices (stay-at-home wife? Letting God decide when it's time for babies? Whaaaaat?), but who cares what they think?
I hope everyone is having a blessed summer!
Hannah =)

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Here is my long-promised novel of a post, involving far too many opinions, rants, excited ravings, pictures, and plans. You have been warned.

It's official--on August 9th I will marry my best friend, the man who can make me laugh when I have been sobbing for five minutes, the one who thinks I am adorable no matter what stage of looking-like-death I'm in, my beloved worship partner, and the one I can't imagine not sharing my life with. Together we are mature beyond our years yet act like we are five years old. 

Truthfully, we've known since about the beginning of March that we would get married this summer, but it wasn't until May 26th that JL took me to a beautiful trail and found the perfect spot to ask me. 
The thought of having a big wedding quickly proved too daunting, overwhelming, and drama-inducing (between us and others, not between ourselves), so we decided to have a small, intimate ceremony in my backyard with our extended families (blood and honorary).

Preparations for a small outdoor wedding are so much simpler!
Just under 8 weeks to go--no, we don't waste any time!

This past Wednesday marked another exciting milestone--we moved JL into the teeny little apartment where we will start out! I won't move in until after we get married, but we're both on the contract--we've been giggling a little at the fact that on paper we're living together. 
First picture of us in our apartment!!
Wednesday and Thursday were filled with moving things in and unpacking boxes. I packed up and brought in all my kitchen items I've been collecting for so long, and I've been stocking up the cupboards with dishes, glasses, bakeware, and all manner of exciting goodies!
We're so giddy it's not even okay.
Not everyone is.

Here is a snapshot of our lives: We are going to be 19 and 20 years old, living on one hopefully-full-time income for general labor, with one car, and with me as a by-choice stay-at-home wife. We'll be flirting with the poverty line, living off beans and rice and broccoli, and actually listening to God's input on when we should have babies (not just waiting until we think we're rich enough.) Coming from middle and upper-middle class backgrounds, this lifestyle is radical and appears stupid to some. 
But you know what? God has been preparing our hearts for this, and we're ready.
We trust God to provide us with what we need, knowing that He will probably stretch us beyond our limits and grow us in ways we can't imagine. 
So after many tears and rants, we have decided to not apologize any more for the choices we're making. We know that these decisions are between us and God, and even though the world thinks we're stupid and I'm lazy, we know the truth.

"Better a dish of vegetables where love is..."

This is the very premise of my blog title--it's better to have just a little in a house (or tiny apartment) full of love than to have a feast where there is tension and hatred. God is taking care of us and fostering our love.

Actually, my stay-at-home career began at 3pm on Friday, when my job ended. It's a long, complicated story, but long story short I was going to put in my notice that I can only work until August, but they thought I was about to quit and said they didn't need me over the summer. Strange, strange. More time for making cloth napkins and getting rid of all my extra stuff!

Whew. Rants over. Updates pretty much complete. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Why hello there little circle of bling! We're so glad you could be here :)
August 9th is approaching faster than my brain can handle. These are beautiful days of laughter, congratulations, plans, and a fair share of frustrations. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hi Ladies,
Oh, how crazy life has gotten in the time since I last posted! I try time and time again to post, but inevitably wind up making it a two-day post-writing...then my post is rendered obsolete before I can finish it. That, dear readers, is how quickly my life is going by before my eyes. Life has been a whirlwind of exciting plans and joyful projects alongside painful opposition and judgement from many sides.
Isn't it odd how everyone feels entitled to voice their opinion as truth, and to do it harshly?
Any day, I will have some wonderful news for you.
It will involve some bling and a date in August or October.
This blog will become an outlet for all things DIY elegance, paper and fabric flowers, and budgeting.
Can you guess what I am talking about??
Yes, we really are this young. Sometimes I have to shake my head at it.

"Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe."
~1 Timothy 4:12

The frustrating thing about being young is simultaneously having low expectations set for maturity right alongside being constrained to those low expectations. Most people our age aren't ready, therefore we must not be. That is the prevailing opinion.
JL always says maturity is a choice. He's right. We are choosing to be mature beyond our society's standard for our age, and by God's grace we are going to succeed.
Not all weighings-in have been unpleasant, though. We have had overwhelming support from some close friends who have been through a similar situation, as well as all involved parents (which is rather important for our sanity right now!)

I am in absolute hope chest heaven right now--if any of you hope chest ladies are reading this, you may understand my excitement at actually having my house colors picked out!!!! Although "house" will actually be more like "700 square foot apartment" for the next year or four. We are hilariously poor.
Anyhoo, my life is a colorful mash of jewel tones right now, and I am just giddy. My kitchen set I covered in a previous post is almost completely done, and I am knitting the most gorgeous and time-consuming multicolored mohair afghan.

See what I mean? Crazy. But exciting. Yet oh-so-difficult. God is carrying us through, day by day, step by exciting step.
Hannah =)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

80s Prom

I'm pretty sure I never got around to posting my actual prom pictures from nearly two years ago.
This will have to do.
YES, that is JL's real hair. He's been growing it out especially for this purpose.
Last night was the high school youth group's 80s prom night--JL and I were probably even more excited about it than the kids!
We opted for the cheesy, awkward classic prom pose. We look so young!!
The night included some classics from Queen and Michael Jackson, giggling and playing with Jell-O with my small group girls for some reason, epic/hilarious karaoke, and the fastest time I have ever changed from a constricting dress back into skinny jeans and a sweatshirt--the second I saw the words "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in the karaoke website search bar, I knew there must be swing dancing right then and there.

Kitchen update: Tonight I finished the fourth and final placemat in the set, and now I'm working on an adorable little knitted table runner to go with them. Pictures once ends are woven in and it isn't late into the night.
Happy early Sunday morning!